There is a lot of it going around, to be sure, but this one for some reason just captured my heart.

Here’s LGM’s take, and here’s Sadly, No!’s.

How DARE Obama distribute something written in German to Germans!

I mean, you have to be REALLY stupid to say something like this. Epically, profoundly stupid. Geometrically stupid. “He has a job? You’re kidding?” stupid.

Update: Stupidity bonus, along the same lines.

Update 2: Ruffini argues that anyone who reads his post and doesn’t understand it is a screed against foreign soil “electioneering” is laughable. I guess I’m not deep enough. And who could possibly be for, you know, the rest of the world maybe liking our President, or potential President?

That’s out of bounds!!!!

What. A. Moron.