Apparently they buried an overt McCain blunder with some rather childish and certainly unethical editing techniques, one of which was inserting an answer from McCain to a different question as an illusion for the question he blew, and ran it as “news.”

I wonder if the Corporate Media’s axiomatic view that McCain’s strong-suit is his “national security” experience (Therefore the public’s by about 3-1. What a coincidence!) combined with Media Man’s obviously vested interest in a good horse race had anything to do with it.

I’m not sure why the transcript was left up for everyone to read. Could be bureaucratic incompetence (my guess) or perhaps it was out of some odd sense of Corporate responsibility. It could’ve even been an individual with a conscience, which won’t bode well as far as career prospects go for said individual if that’s the case.

Either way, here’s the interesting part: When I tried the “Contact” link at CBS News this morning about this odd editorial decision-making, I got a cryptic message telling me I couldn’t at this time.

Beware The Man.