At one point, one of the panelists used, “apathy” to describe Average Joe’s engagement in the health care game.

My hand went up during the Q&A (which got a little exciting when one of the audience members who had lost a child at 17 accused everyone on the panel of somehow being in the pockets of insurance companies, which Ezra most brilliantly doused with a lovely mix of reality and politics) and I said, “Just a matter of framing. Don’t use ‘apathy’ as the talking point. Use, ‘complexity demoralization.'”

Which was coined on the spot, so I know I can claim it.

And it is true. The complexity of modern life has left Joe and his SO Josette immunized from engagement about all things political. Health care is down to, for Average J&J, “do I have it or don’t I.” The details are a shit-stain on the underwear of AJ&J’s list of problems.

If we get above a 60% voting rate this fall, everyone will be thrilled. Except me. About 48% of that 60% won’t know jack-all about what they’re voting about at any level of detail.

And I mean ANY level of detail beyond “Democrats will raise my taxes and lose wars. Republicans won’t.”

We’ll see, but I’m waiting for this country to prove just how smart or stupid it is.

Update: …pondering how much pain it must cause to not only run for President but be one. Pandering to the smart and stupid alike.

These people are not without selfish interest.