Digby in person! Amanda, truly actually pretty and not mean even once yet! Lee Papa, The legendary Rude Pundit right before my eyes! And where is this Drum fellow?

Jesse Taylor, a blogger of some repute at Pandagon but not read by me until his comeback.

Joking about this being “The Fuck Panel.”

I will put my laptop away and be good Audience now.

Update: Interesting discussion about the role of tone and seriousness and credibility of writing using words like fuck and shit and asshole.

My take. Different strokes for different folks. All voices are unique and most styles are, too. I drop the occasional fuck in from time to time, but I still consider this a somewhat conversational medium and use the word fuck in conversations from time to time. “Fuck” is, after all, the perfect word for any situation, good or bad, it performs every trick in the grammar dictionary, and when well-placed in context is just often plain funny.

And I know at the core of my being that senseless death and pointless violence and cruelty and subjugation, bigotry and hate are far more obscene than any word ever invented by anyone to describe anything. This was illuminated by all the panelists.

The more interesting part was the discussion about lines these bloggers don’t cross, and they were honest about it since I read them every day. Heck, it never occurred to me that The Rude Pundit had anything off-limits, and he pointed out that he doesn’t joke about killing anyone, and finds man-woman rape to be touchy, too.

Digby noted that she takes care to not make fun of people’s looks, which I do, too, if not with 100% success.

Atrios noted that with so many readers his filter has been a little more sensitized. Makes sense to me–if I knew 100,000 were stopping by from time to time, including several Serious Villagers, I might be more careful, too.

I think Amanda’s opinion was that she would write what she wanted, and would try to be smart about it. It was hard to listen to her given the shock I had being unable to see either horns or a barbed tail. She has a very warm, natural, frequent smile, and I just couldn’t see any anger signs in her eyes or affect.

I’m glad about that. Sometimes you can see those things on people’s faces. Considering the cornucopia of stuff Amanda has “going on,” as they say, it was nice to see a peaceful, happy face.

The never-shrill Kevin Drum was like, my age! I had pictured him younger. And confessed he uses the 7 words you can’t say on TV in real life.

One of the great things about doing this, even pseudo-anonymously, is matching names with faces and telling them you sincerely enjoy their work. I would hope I never got tired of hearing that.