Too overwhelmed, professionally in particular but also certainly from a pure political perspective, to add my usual lame analysis to any of it. So, I’ll just pass along some gems.

Steve Benen with a nice roundup of political stuff going on.

Atrios with a question most of us normal people would like to see asked, particularly in light of Iraq’s rather pronounced move towards sovereignty.

Whiskey Fire does a nice analysis of Jonah Goldberg’s (the best example of patronage horror outside of George W. Bush) latest public writing turds, and it takes two to do it.

Howie Klein, at FDL, on the GOP’s abandonment of the Doctors. Who needs Dr.’s, anyway?

dday on McCain’s economic policy, which can best be summed up by this wonder of a campaign release, nicely summarized and appropriately dealt with by John Cole, who bolds the real gem in the press release.

I’ve challenged several of my GOP friends to explain that bolded piece of policy genius, and none of them even feigned to try. IOZ has it right, with this money quote.

Now this is not unlike my plan to cut up my VISA and then use my outstanding balance and interest obligations to buy a new TV, i.e., it makes no fucking sense, it’s impossible, etc. War isn’t a goddamn revenue stream, it’s an expenditure, and we’re spending borrowed goddamn money.”

We are in some serious trouble, regardless of the outcome in November.