Hilarious, and that includes the link that is simply a must read regarding Obama’s “capitulation” on FISA.

Let me try to make it simple, for the simpletons: Obama’s first job was to beat Hillary against all odds, and he did it. His job now is to beat McCain, which should be a little easier save for the hidden racist vote, but that’s his job, nevertheless. It isn’t going to be easy. He’s going to have to play some politics. *gasp*

The vote was lost and gone on FISA. We have 5 months to work for, pay and pray for, and hope for a Dem majority that is hard to obstruct. My assumption, Obama being a Constitutional scholar and all, is that he’ll handle it (FISA, among other things) when he controls the levers of power. I may be wrong, but I sure as hell know McCain won’t, and what is politics other than betting the spread?

This person Perrin may deserve a closer look. I mean, right on, dude/dudette.