A Clinton supporter speaks for Taylor Marsh, Corrente, and Jeralyn and Co. among others.

It isn’t about your country, see. It’s about you. Or maybe your favorite candidate. Or maybe, just maybe, the way you view the darkies. Judge for yourself. It’s a beauty.

My favorite response was this one.

You have to laugh about a middle-aged woman living in Manhattan whining about being disenfranchised and a “second class citizen.”

I don’t know how many Clinton supporters will be willing to throw the election to St. McCain of Media Mountain, but I sure hope it isn’t a lot. Personally, I would vote for Hillary in a heartbeat, though I’m ready for a new song, and not just a new song about machine politics, but a new song about and from the media. Media Man will just trot out the Greatest Hits from the ’90’s if Hillary is elected. Divisiveness sells advertising time, after all.

Personally, I will be fine if McCain wins. It’s just that I think the country will not be. And, well, you know, I have a lot women and children in my life I really love and want the best possible future for. I was blissfully disconnected from all this, in fact, enjoying their company for much of the weekend.

I could be wrong about McCain, too, since I can’t predict the future. I’m just playin’ the odds. And I’m just a simple guy who, a year ago, couldn’t figure out any way Hillary could fail to be the nominee. Seems to me like she just plain got beat, and has no one to blame but herself and her campaign.

Well, and those pesky voters.

Trees are beautiful. Forests are even prettier.

Thanks to Jane at FDL.

Update: As usual, Heywood J. puts it much more eloquently. (Though mine is shorter!)

Update 2: Publius at Obsidian Wings has another take, one I feel the Clinton campaign should read. Or maybe HRC’s most vocal opponents from either side of the aisle are right, and I was wrong, and Hillary and her team plain don’t give a shit about anything or anyone but themselves. They will, all of them, Hillary and her merry band of worry-less (health care, jobs, their country’s international standing, dead bodies, etc.) campaign staff be fine, win or lose.

They’re starting to piss me off. And just to show that I can be selfish, too, I’m getting pissed off about suspecting I was wrong all along about Hillary Clinton’s character. I’ve always considered myself a good judge of character.

Politicians are always the toughest to get a handle on.

Update 3: Oddly, The Rude Pundit has the least rude evaluation of the situation I’ve read. It’s a little rude, by normal standards, and not at all rude by TRP’s. And as usual, I agree with him. Politics is a passionate sport, the last true blood sport, and that is perhaps the reason I love it so. So, Taylor, Lambert, Jeralyn, Harriet, et al, come back to the fold. You fought hard. You often made a compelling case. You may even be right in your deeply held position that Hillary would/will/might have made a better POTUS. You can’t predict the future, either.

We need you, and we most certainly don’t need McCain.

Update 4: God I love the internets! Robert Farley captures my “hope” about as well as anyone has. I want the paradigm changed, and I don’t see Hillary with as much opportunity to do so. It isn’t a slight, it’s a cold-hearted analysis of media, politics, and culture.