I dig this guy.

The CATO Institute is famously and now allegedly libertarian, so I’m naturally disposed to their opinions.  Here, someone way smarter than I am catches something I only caught because I read blogs, though in my defense, a careful read may have drawn me to the same conclusion.  It wouldn’t have mattered though, when it came to expressing it:  IOZ does it right.  I would’ve said, “authoritarianism is as authoritarianism writes,” or something equally (or more) inane.

People who describe themselves as libertarian ought to laugh at this shit.

IOZ consistently argues with some bloggers I really, really like.  I think the main difference between him and me is that I feel stuck with the system I have, in which case I have to vote for the Dem nightmare this time, just in hopes the scales of sanity will become more balanced. 

But from a pure “purity” point of view, IOZ has it right.  It’s just that we’re a couple of man-made and natural disasters and other population-reducing calamities from getting people to vote this way.  It won’t happen in my time.

History seems to tell me that people need to have “change” rammed down their collective throats, and I’m talking fundamental change, not the Dem-GOP kind that simply transfers corporate/well-funded interests back and forth, all the time sucking The Man’s Huge Dick, while leaving the rest of us behind.