1.  Signs of drinking, like slurring, giggling mostly to Himself, inappropriate ad-libs, etc.

2.  A complete breakdown on national TV.  I’ve known rich frat boys party-boys since I was 20 or so (a LONG time ago) and I can tell you they just hate being disliked.  They’ll never admit it, but the good-timin’ rich frat boy just loves him some love.  It’s remote, surely, but possible, that he’ll crack.  And THAT, my few readers, is good TV. 

3.  Further ruining of the GOP brand.  I’m sort of assuming he’ll accomplish this.  Even the lesser among us have gifts.

4.  Ratings, and post-speech spin.  Will anyone watch, and will the Corporate Media fawn?  No, and yes.  But good blog-fodder, in any case.

I doubt I will be able to hang in there awake.  I don’t really care what the President has to say on anything substantive, and the politics of King George the Lesser are dead and gone amongst anyone with any vestigial objectivity

Mostly, I just want him to be over.  I’m sure we could do worse (Rudy), but it sure is hard to imagine the current political leader who could achieve more damage to our country.  Even McCain could turn out to be relatively sane, which is when considered carefully sort of sad and embarrassing for all of us.

Update:  I consider it sort of emblematic and symbolic and shit that I fell asleep during the first 5 minutes of our Genius In Chief’s last command performance.  From my reading, I didn’t miss much.