Compare the courage.

It’s not even close.  Cheney should be wallowing in shame about his own wimpitude, but of course he’s not.  He’s too busy hiding somewhere secret, until he comes out and speaks to an audience of equally bed-wetting, sychophantic fans.

The man can’t even take dissent in his own country, even with security so tight you couldn’t pull a needle out its ass with a bulldozer.

Dick Cheney’s autobiography should be titled, “Cowards In Power:  The Dick Cheney Story.”

B. Bhutto, OTOH, pretty much knew what was coming.  THAT’S courage.

President Cheney wouldn’t know courage if it walked up to him and introduced itself.  The greatest coward of our time, though Bill Kristol is chasing him for a tie for first.

How do these people look themselves in the mirror?  Inquiring minds want to know.