I believe #1 and #2 (pick your order) are “Who’s Afraid of Virgina Woolf?” and, “Leaving Las Vegas.”

Two of my very dearest introduced to me to the former, including some of the more subtle acting details of Burton and Taylor; and I had not seen the latter in several years.  Free Comcast is fabulous.

Amazing stuff.

Why is the “dysfunctional love story” one of my favorite genres?  I think because that is what it will take for me to find a love story.  (Adding, though, that it doesn’t have to be THAT dysfunctional!)

By virtue of careful observation over the years, I view most long-term relationships as at least partially dysfunctional.  Most of us are just too weird and idiosyncratic for it to be otherwise.

There are exceptions.  Every now and then you can see an older couple who are clearly and obviously functional soul-mates.  But it does not happen as often as the mythology would suggest.