February 2007

It’s because they hired this guy to opine for them.  Which wouldn’t generally be a problem for me, except that he’s proven himself  to be wrong so consistently, and he loves war, war, and more war.  He strikes me as a little bit pathological.

So, here’s to the power of the marketplace.

Seymour Hersh’s latest article in The New Yorker is a little piece of fear in the large fear pie most Americans are, in my opinion, too hopeful and trusting to believe exists.

Attack Iran?  Even THIS Administration isn’t THAT stupid.  More of your tax dollars at work.

Update:  A much more thoughtful and expansive take on the situation.  I’m having trouble thinking any of it matters anymore; that the die is cast, and we are going to live the next several decades watching the decline of our own country on TV.

Media Man knows no boundaries when it comes to smear jobs.  Here’s one on poor M. Romney, and it is illustrative of why he can’t or won’t be elected President.  Tribalism runs too deep. 

Not too many Mormons in the Mainstream Media, I’m guessing.

Welcome to fake scandals, Republican edition.

Nicely summarized by one Tom Tomorrow, of “This Modern World” cartoonist fame.

Though I hope I’m wrong, I think my own Senator is one cycle ahead of his time. 

A coalition of conservative bloggers devoted to winning the war in Iraq.

Two coherent observations about said Victory Caucus.

The General is very funny.  God forbid we treat our soldiers well, says the caucus.  Not in, “the mission.”  Of the caucus.

Atrios is more “reality based.”

These people are very sad to contemplate.  I like to call them, “Embarrassing-Americans.”

Update:  Glenn G’s post here is brilliant, which is par for the course for him.

Uncomfortable in the “reality based world?”  Well, we’ve now got a place for you to invent your own reality!  You too can add nuggets like the scientific methods for turning water into wine, and parting big bodies of water with no more than a request to God.  I can’t wait for the “rational” rationalizations for how dead people can, indeed, rise from the grave.

Introducing:  Conservapedia.  You, too, can edit.  Have some fun.  Exercise your creative mind.  Try to be funny.  But don’t think about being disengenous!

Your wingnut mind in all its glory.  Hilarious.  And just a little bit scary.

The good Dr. Black tells us not only why, but how.  Please do not underestimate the power of cash, even if you hate it as much as I do.  Obama could actually support getting rid of it in terms of electoral politics, though I doubt he will.  Still, he’s our best chance.

Edwards committed political suicide, but I’ll still consider him when IL comes around.  The only thing I know right now is that HRC will NOT get my primary vote.

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