…at least at some point in the not-too-distant-past, ladies and gentleman, Jay CARNEY!!!!!

For God’s sake I once failed to recognize him as a Power Whore.  Jesus, who couldn’t find normal reasons to resign in all the background politics!  After all, everyone knows that all resignations are very single minded!  I speak of the rather large number of U.S. Attorneys being *ahem* asked or coincidentally resigning in the midst of probes over institutionalized corruption.

Anyway, Jay takes care of that on his own, sort of confirming for me that he isn’t a complete crack-level whore.  Read between Jay’s lines, and then take a look at Josh’s posts.

Read, link, and judge for yourself.

Update:  Whoa.  Sorry about that first paragraph or two.  If you can’t understand them, it isn’t your fault.   I’m tired, and completely, clinically depressed.  It will pass, but in the meantime I may post some truly incoherent stuff.

But after more business travel on Friday I’m sure I’ll have it totally together!

Update:  Goddamn Teh Internet Tubes are fast.  Check out the good Dr.’s post 1 minute after mine.