He makes me feel good when I’m down, or sometimes he makes me feel worse when I’m down.  Right now, it’s a bit more of the latter.

Laura Bush, chain-smoker, smart and kind and decent woman, has to be coming to the realization she married a complete freaking idiot, and can’t do anything about it except self-medicate.  Which cigarettes are a form of.  You can’t smoke in most places even if you’re an Average Joe.  I personally use it to get away from the inanity, and sometimes meet another smoker who is, in this modern world, almost always aware of their social status of “moron.”  Which most of us in the reality-based community admit is true.  Weird people, us smokers.  Lost, at least once in a while.  And clearly addicts.

And I’ll bet 10% of my monthly income against Tiger Woods’ that Laura Bush is taking either/all a prescription beta-blocker, tranquilizer, anti-depressant, sleeping pill, or you name it psychologically-speaking, along with anything a normal woman of her age is taking for physical issues.  Your thyroid, BP, hormonal type of med, in the latter’s case.

It is SO weird to watch the country circle the drain while simultaneously listening to my friends’ and colleagues’ profound ignorance of some very basic facts at hand.