It is SO typical and symptomatic of the fake alpha-dog personality to behave like this.  While Dubya’s daughters cavort in South America to the point they are asked to leave, W. gets snotty with a guy who actually has a child who has lost some friends and comrades in Dubya’s weird war in Iraq.  Oedipal?  Anti-Clinton?  Messianic?  You make the call.  It doesn’t matter at this point.  People are dying and even tortured by the dozen.

And George Will, a person I respected until today, spins and lies about it for some reason only known to him.  Shameful and embarrassing, and reason number 50-zillion to read your pundits with a grain of salt.

I like this Webb guy, even though he’s ostensibly way right of me.  I wish he had bitch-slapped the POTUS like he wanted to, since it would have been such great TV, and because so many of us (I’ll bet Dad, too.) think he deserves it.  God knows if someone spoke to me like that while I had a child in harms way for this person’s fake war, punching him in the face would’ve seemed like small potatoes, and totally worth it compared to the ripping our George Will’s would’ve given me.

Thanks, Jim Webb, Senator-elect from VA.

We have fallen a long way, and it will take decades to get up.  Live with it.  And vote accordingly.