Not on W’s watch, anyway.  He said it again today.  What “task” is that, exactly?  Ridding Iraq of Saddam?  Check.  WMD.  Check, and that was an easy one!  Spell it out for me, Dubya, as I am one of the unwashed masses who just doesn’t understand like you do.

Of course, he’s lied often, early, and recently.  “Rummy has a no-cut contract through Jan. 09!”  But I don’t think he can manage admitting failure in Iraq, because he’s now concerned about the ol’ legacy.  He and his dwindling band of supporters are just going to figure out a way to blame the Dems for the nightmare that is the Bush II Presidency.

One wonders what kind of situations Daddy will have to bail him out of when Dubya is just a private citizen again.  How embarrassing to have that done for you your entire life.  It must kill both W. and H.W.

Barbara just defends Jr.  He’s her son.  The mean one.  I would’ve paid thousands to be a fly on the wall of the Bush family Thanksgiving.

Anyway, Attaturk weighs in most coherently on the same subject, here.