September 2006

This might remind you.  Thanks to Think Progress.

Do not anger the Alpha Dog.  This is a very simple life-rule.

You know what I love about that movie?

That the dog plays such a key role.

The endng sucked, otherwise.  Helen Hunt should’ve understood J. Nicholsen’s true self.

The Pope was a moron, but validating everything he said is even more moronic.

Irony is dead.

Just a suspicion. 

He’ll be on *gasp* Meet the Press with Russert this weekend, and I know Russert is going to try to hammer him, since Russert is a big part of the clubby elite media.

Good luck, Timmeh.  LOL.

Do NOT mess with the smartest policitican on the planet.  Free advice, again, this time not to FOX, but the allegedly “fair and balanced” Meet the Press.

Fortunately for Timmeh, I’m not sure reality matters anymore.

Sweet land of liberty.

Oh well.  I guess it couldn’t last forever.

Read it and argue with it, if nowhere but in your own head.

I offered this free advice to the GOP a while back:  Do NOT anger The Big Dog.

I don’t think they took my advice.

Clinton was on FOX and slapped Chris Wallace around.  You can read it, or watch it at Crooks and Liars.

And The Rude Pundit points out perhaps the most significant exchange, here.

“Democracy is about way more than majority rule. Democracy is about minority rights, individual rights, restraints on power.”

…has become such a clusterucked and perfect representation of the abuses of power (Beware The Man) that I can’t even blog intelligently (such as it has been) about it right now.

I’ll work on it.

But here’s a nice post about why I hate the Dems, too.  They are The Man, too.

Thank God there are so many out there who haven’t been overwhelmed like I have.

Funny, and weird, and all viewable with your very own eyes.

Michelle Malkin gets on TV from time to time (they need their money, too), and for a great explanation of how irony died, (it’s TV’s fault; TV beat irony to death), as a public service I refer you to an essay by David Foster Wallace called, “E Unibus Pluram,” contained in a hilarious and generally brilliant collection of essays entitled, “a supposedly fun thing I’ll never do again.”

Here is his take on Bush’s address to the United Nations.

And I’ve been saying irony is dead for some time now, and when the leader of the “free” world (just ask those Iraqis!) says this, I know I’m right.

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