September 2006

Atta J. nails another one, with that kooky, obscure little tool we like to call, “Google.”

I just accept it on face value that everything this Administration tells me serves their own interests, and everything they don’t tell me wouldn’t.  That’s not unusual in politics, but these boys and girls have raised the bar, for sure.

Condi Rice, like so many in this Adminstration, is going to go to Hell for all her lies.  (If there is a Hell.)  Christianity’s fundamental concept that all one need do is apologize and accept Jesus before the end comes isn’t going to work.  I say God says, “too late.”

For anyone who cares, there IS a newsperson out there trying to talk seriously about the problems we face, and speak to power honestly and sincerely and awfully courageously.  And you don’t even have to watch his show!  (Countdown, 8 ET)

You can watch all the best parts just as conveniently as you please.  This was a beauty, in a series of beauties.

And what do you get from your “mainstream” media?  All style, no substance, which Jon Stewart has a little fun with here.  (Tip o the hat to Dr. Atrios)

Isn’t this a little strange?  Could it be that the rich, like the editors and publishers at Newsweek, are protecting their own?  That politics may have had something to do with it?

I don’t know.  I just found this very weird and disconcerting.

Thanks to Atta J.

This might remind you.  Thanks to Think Progress.

Do not anger the Alpha Dog.  This is a very simple life-rule.

You know what I love about that movie?

That the dog plays such a key role.

The endng sucked, otherwise.  Helen Hunt should’ve understood J. Nicholsen’s true self.

The Pope was a moron, but validating everything he said is even more moronic.

Irony is dead.

Just a suspicion. 

He’ll be on *gasp* Meet the Press with Russert this weekend, and I know Russert is going to try to hammer him, since Russert is a big part of the clubby elite media.

Good luck, Timmeh.  LOL.

Do NOT mess with the smartest policitican on the planet.  Free advice, again, this time not to FOX, but the allegedly “fair and balanced” Meet the Press.

Fortunately for Timmeh, I’m not sure reality matters anymore.

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