I won’t comment too editorially about the content, since only the righties, apparently, have seen it, and I hate commentary on films not seen, the special province of the right.

But things certainly do seem to be piling up on the accuracy of this “docudrama,” though Tony Blair’s media outlet, the BBC, has decided to run it, and even one of our own Congresscritters has decided to speak out.  

Here’s a pretty good Q&A from the great folks at FDL about the whole thing

And the Great Digby weighs in with his usual razor-sharp analysis. 

Update:  The notoriously non-partisan Congressional Quarterly opines, as well.

Great Googly Moogly!  Digby weighs in yet again, and he’s smarter (and a geometrically better writer) than all the people you read in print put together!

More Updates!  Wow!  An entire series! 

From those Nazi’s at TIME.

From those (admittedly) commies at The New Republic.

From those absolute fascists at the The NY Daily News.

And finally, from the EXTREME Islamofascists at the Washinton Post.

But, alas, it was all Clinton’s fault.