Because one part of every Democrat’s message should be, “We ARE going to get hit again.  No President can stop it; no Congress can stop it.  All we can do is minimize our risk, and maximize our response.”  Easily followed up by, “Do you think there are more or fewer individuals (and countries, for God’s sake) now than there were 5 years ago into who would love to see us attacked, and may be willing to do it themselves?”

I trust the American people to connect the dots here.

Democrats have to start getting in front of the inevitable blame game, “blamestorming” we call it in Corporate America, when/if they win back a House or Presidency, so that when we get hit again, they have some defensive positions even if they are in power.  They need to say that what’s happening now is almost assuredly creating conditions for more attacks.

The die is cast.  We cannot stop them all.  The argument must be framed in terms of odds and reducing them, in this case.  Platitudes, the currency of most professional politicians, will only make them look stupid and weak later.

The GOP, once again, is ahead of the game here.  THEY know we’re going to get hit again, and they’re planning for it.  “A vote for a Democrat is a vote for terrorists.”

Then, when it happens, all the GOP need say is, “I told you so.”  If they have less power when it happens, all the better for them.

I hate stupid politicians.  And stupid bureaucracies even more.