…read this one.  This is why blogs are cool.  (Not mine.)

OK, we start with the principle that The Man has a tendency to try to apply “order” to people, processes, and behavior.  Sometimes even “thought,” in the case of most child-started religions especially but also parents and societies in general.  I hold this truth to be self-evident.

This is not a bad thing.  The government and Church and chaos vs. order is a contract between the individual and other’s at large.  Some control is necessary to keep people from killing each other for no reason, as one example.  But it isn’t a black and white thing, which is much easier and more profitable to present in three minute TV segments; it’s an infinite (literally) number of shades of gray.  A pendulum, not a switch. 

The problem is, The Man has and wants to make everything extremely complicated; complex, difficult for Average Joe to understand, much less assimilate or care about.  Joe thinks it has nothing to with him, and it is too complicated for him to bother.  So he doesn’t.  He knows intutively that The Man is reaming him, but it’s just too damn time-consuming (even simple ol’ Joe knows Time is his most precious asset), expensive, and intellectually difficult (Joe: “hard”) to prove why. 

The Man is also ALWAYS convinced that He is acting In Your Best Interest.  Always.  That’s how The Man’s power is marketed, globally-speaking.  And consolidated. 

What the blogs do is make it simple.  You have to sit and watch the most recent White House press conferences (and only this time) to fully grok its simplicity, but if you do, some lights may pop up in your head.  You get to make your own judgment, at the touch of your fingers.

So, start with Crook’s and Liar’s, a blog whose well-deserved claim to fame is based largely in linking the freakin’ VIDEO of people making asses of themselves.  This is a a healthy thing for the civic-minded to do; again, you can make your own call on the opinions expressed and the “facts” as The Man wants you to see them.  (And we have now crossed the threshold where Media Man will come to your rescue with the “Truth.”)  You don’t need the traditional media anymore.

So, here’s why blogs are healthy.  Start linking now if you haven’t done it yet.

This is an actual press briefing.  But it’s not about Cheney shooting someone in the face, neck, and chest, it’s about Libby’s *coughcoughCheneycough* and Karl’s role in the Plame leak.  Is it not now at least obvious that Cheney answers to no one.  That much is fair to conclude.

For those with slow internet:

In October 2003, White House spokesman Scott McClellan told reporters that he personally asked Libby and Rove whether they were involved, “so I could come back to you and say they were not involved.” Asked if that was a categorical denial of their involvement, he said, “That is correct.”

Now, watch the one on Valentine’s Day, where he’s avoiding the press about the Meta-Inconsistencies and Buck Passing of his own answers on the Cheney hunting faux pas. 

Now, go to The Daily Show videos, click on “Duck and Cover” and see the simple truth. 

The hard part is taking action, but even that is simple now.  Do it.  Speak the truth to power as you see it.  I have faith in the goodness and wisdom of the minority.  It’s a little known fact that the individual is the smallest constituency out there.